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Full Moon

One of the benefits of this blog is that I can keep track of my fishing trips. While my last trip was not really a regular fishing trip, I did check with a few others anglers in area. All the reports I heard where the same. We saw fish but they would need bite. This pattern seems to occur around the the full moon.

We left at the top of the tide which makes it difficult to catch mud minnows and we really did not have time to catch whitebait, but I did net a few pin fish. When using live bait you can tell when there is something close by that the bait fears. This did happen a couple of time and I did see a couple swirls around the bait.As well as seeing several redfish in the area. The anglers that I did talk where seasoned, so I would have to take them as valid reports. A few more full moon reports like the past reports and I will have to conclude that during the daylight hours the redfish and snook do not feed aggressively if at all around the full moon.

The next step will be to see how the redfish and snook feed at night around the full moon. That was the plan for this full moon but the storms are not falling into the summer weather pattern, maybe next month.

Any comments on inshore fishing around the full moon I would love to here them.

Good Luck

Tide : Falling 3.5 @ 1:19pm
Water Clarity : Clear
Moon Phase: 100% full
Temp: 87 F
Water Temp : 78F
Wind: 10 WSW mph
Bait: Pin Fish
Results: Boat Ride