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The hard way is the easy way!

That's the days motto. The plan was to go get shrimp and redfish. We did both but none of it was easier and not without causalities.

The day started off very late. Someone turned off the alarm and we got up late. So by the time we got out the winds started to kick up and it was slow going. We final got to our destination started catching shrimp andĀ  the net breaks. So that was that, now time for some redfish.

We searched Bayport for whitebait, after about an hour and I gave up on whitebait. So we ran over to the islands and caught some mud minnows. Yeah victory.

Armed with a dozen big mud minnows we set off to catch some redfish. The first stop we hooked up a nice redfish in about 10 minutes. Peeling drag, running through the grass, almost snagging every dead mangrove in Centipede Bay. Finally landed it and it was 1 inch to big. After a bit of work to get the circle hook out, I sent it on it's way. The fish swallowed the hook and was pretty exhausted. After about 10 minutes of reviving it, the fish swam about 10 feet from theĀ  boat and stopped. The fish did not look so good, but I think it made it. After that ordeal another rod went off, and more drag burning runs, dodging mangroves, ripping through the grass. Once in the net, I could tell, another over sized fish. This one come in at 30 inches. And again swallowed the hook. Now I have one of those niffy $20 dehookers, which works great on catfish. Unfortunately it did not work so well when the hooks gets twisted in the gullet. Once I saw this I cut the leader and revived the redfish. It took about 10 minutes but this one did swim away. Hopefully it made it.

After that everything went dead. We fished for about an hour more without a single strike. So we headed home another low yield day.

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