Hernando Beach Inshore Fishing Inshore flats fishing Redfish, Snook, Trout, Snapper and Grouper


Water Looks Better

I went out for a couple of hours today. After the last trip I was not willing to spend too much time fishing. I needed to catch shrimp for our seahorse, but the rules are if the boat goes out so do the fishing rods.

I looked for whitebait in the Hernando Beach channel, none to be found. I headed back to Centipede Bay to get a redfish for dinner. Unfortunately, the tide was a little to high to catch mud minnows. I ended up with 2 mud minnows, 2 pin fish and 2 sand perch.

Since I only had time for one stop, I choose the most productive area I know. Tossed out 1 mud minnow, 1 sand perch and 1 pin fish. The mud minnow got a strike but the fish missed the hook. I'm not sure if it was a redfish or maybe a snapper. I did notice some nice sized snappers milling around and I also did see a lot more redfish today.  I think the next trip out I'll pick up some shrimp and sight fish. The water was clear enough for sight fishing.

Tide : Raising
Water Clarity : Stained but clear.
Moon Phase: 2% full
Temp: 95F
Water Temp : 82F
Wind: ENE 5mph
Bait: Chatter bait, Mud minnows
Results: 0 Redfish