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Finding the Redfish

Today a friend came to visit, and wanted to catch some redfish. Last week, I caught four in about 30 minutes.  So I was hoping for a repeat performance.

We left about an hour before low tide. The low tide was a 1.3ft tide, so I could mange to get around Centipede Bay with out much of a problem. I looked for whitebait on the way out of the Hernando Beach channel (the dredge is still at a stand still) but did not see any. So we picked up some mud minnows. Last week we caught really big mud minnows, today the big ones seemed to be scattered about and took a while to catch enough.

We started out a large rocky area on the north west side of the bay at dead low tide. The only thing we caught there was a catfish and lost a few baits. We moved further in to the bay and in to the grass. I spotted a couple of big fish laying in a rocky creek. Throw a lure at it and there was not much of a hesitation has the 26 inch redfish torpedoed the lure. We anchored in hopes of catching another but by the time we got the fish in the boat, the fish had moved.

The next stop was all the way in the back deep in the grass. I tend to fish this area the most. We tossed out a few mud minnows, over the next 15 minutes we lost one and brought in a 25 and 21 inch redfish. Since there are reports the redfish have been hard to find, I decided to do a little exploring. As it turns out the first stop was the only place I saw any signs of life. Several other stops in some really good redfish territory showed no signs of any fish at all. I may try to take an afternoon off and try top water lures and fish the think grass in the back of the bay. Just to see if the fish are holding in deep cover.

No pictures this time, I broke my camera on the way out and was unable to take any pictures.

Good Luck

Tide : Raising 3.5 4:30pm
Water Clarity : Clear
Moon Phase: 73% full
Temp: 88 F
Water Temp : 72F
Wind: 15-20 mph SSW
Bait: Mud Minnows
Results: 4 Redfish.

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