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Redfish are on the move

Today we decided to run to Centipede Bay for dinner. The last couple of times out we have found the redfish in same spot.  With the late day high tides we did not head out until afternoon. On the way out we meet up with another angler and I had asked him for a whitebait report. Basically it's still hit and miss. He told that they are on the move and will continue until move until next month. I did stop by marker 45 to see if there where any there yet.... We did not see any so decided to hit the islands for some mud minnows. Last week we caught a mixed group some really big and some medium sized. The redfish seem to like the big ones.

With about two dozen mud minnows and 5 sand crabs we headed back in to the bay to find some redfish. Our first and only stop was very productive. We did have quite a few bait stealers, from the bit marks I would have to guess that they where small snappers.

The fish seemed to come in waves, the water has low enough that when the fish moved they left a wake. The first wave we caught one 26 1/2" and lost another another while netting the first.

The first redfish of the day.

The first redfish of the day - 26 1/2 inch

Redfish keeping an eye on you

Redfish keeping an eye on you

Even though this was only a 26 1/2 inch redfish, it peeled out line like a king fish. Typically I can tell by the amount of line they pull if it's oversize and this one I thought for sure was oversize.

The second fish was gut hooked so it did not put up much of a fight. It came in at 22" just the right size for dinner. And a repeat while fighting this fish another fish was on and quickly found a little mangrove to brake off.

Dinner and a sandwich

Just the right size for dinner and a sandwich

These two hit about 10 minutes apart and things died down for about 30 minutes. We saw fish moving through the area we where fishing but nothing. Then I checked the baits... or bare hooks. Put out new baits and when the next wave of fish came the first rod when off and this was a big one. Peeling out line as it ran out towards open water. When the fish leaves the grass it's usually big. While fighting this fish another rod went off and the fish headed to towards open water, another over slot fish. One thing to remember always retie your hook after catching a fish. Redfish do have small teeth and after a couple of fish the leader become frayed and that's what happened to fish number 5. It broke off about 10 feet from the boat.

Redfish heading towards open water.

Redfish heading towards open water.

And fish number 6 fought like a champ after several minutes and long runs it turned and headed right for the boat. Of course once the fish saw the boat it realized that was the wrong way and made an about face, sending the bare hook flying towards us.

Here's your hook...

Here's your hook...

Good Luck

Tide : Raising 3.4 5:15pm
Water Clarity : Stained
Moon Phase: 24% full
Temp: 88 F
Water Temp : 76F
Wind: 10 mph WSW
Bait: Mud Minnows
Results: 6 Redfish - Two in the boat and 4 auto release.

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