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The Redfish Have Returned

It's been a long time since I have fished Centipede Bay for redfish.

We started the day looking for whitebait or green backs, none in the Hernando Beach channel, we did not see any in the Bayport channel. So we went to the reliable mud minnows. The schools where not huge 5-10 mud minnows in each school. We headed back to Centipede bay with 14 mud minnows. but they where big.

Lost two baits to catfish at the rock bar on the north side. Did not see much there.

We moved to back of the bay. Fished a little further off the grass line than normal in case there were fish cruising the outside of the grass line.  Seemed like a good plan on a raising tide. It took about 5 minutes for a first hit. It was a nice over sized redfish that auto released in the grass. The hook pulled which is pretty rare for circle hooks.

Ten minutes later we landed our first slot size redfish in two years. Yeah.... We moved back further so we could reach the shoreline and picked up another over slot redfish at 31 inches.

Overall not a bed couple of hours. I think will try again tomorrow, this time less time chasing bait and more time catching redfish.

I am certainly looking forward to getting back to the fishing!!

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