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Strange Days in Centipede Bay

Yesterday a friend and I headed back to Centipede Bay. The day earlier we caught 3 redfish in a few hours. So we thought we would rinse and repeat. We loaded up on mud minnows, and headed towards the back of the bay.

The first stop was the rock bar, since the tide as pretty low. Not much action there, but that gave us time to eat lunch.

The next stop was towards the back of the bay. As we eased passed the rock bar we came to a fairly rocky bay. I spotted two red fish  coming in with the tide. I anchor to investigate the area. From the platform I saw another pair, on the opposite side and three right in front of the boat. They saw the boat and took off, right back to where we where going to fish. The next group of fish I was ready for them with a frisky mud minnow. Made the cast an the fish ran towards the back.  At this point I had seen 9 redfish pass through the area and was headed to the back of the bay. I started thinking about what to have with my grilled redfish.  As we got closer to the area we wanted to fish I saw several other reds. Once the baits where in the water I knew it would only be a few minutes before the action started. Few minutes passed, nothing. Half hour passed, nothing. Hour passed nothing! The whole time I could see redfish cruising around our baits. After an hour and 1/2 I decided it's time to go find some hungry redfish.

The next couple of stops where uneventful. We did not even lose a bait. I had one more stop before calling it a day. By this time the wind was blowing about 10-15 mph out of the southwest. So I have a place where we need to cast far and it would be with the wind. There are lots of rocks and it requires a stealthy approach. We cast out our baits and waited 15 - 20 minutes. Still nothing, so we rapped it up and called it a day.

We had a good time fishing and I'm really looking forward to more days fishing.