Hernando Beach Inshore Fishing Inshore flats fishing Redfish, Snook, Trout, Snapper and Grouper


1 Fish 2 Fish no Redfish and lots of Bluefish

The tide was too low to get back in Centipede bay, so we decided to try out the cuts in the Hernando Beach channel.

Last I check the dredging has not started in full force. We started at at marker 7 and it was loaded with bluefish. But we did manage to get a couple or trout... Just cleaning out the drafts in the que, so it's short.

Tide : -0.01 Raising
Water Clarity : Stained
Moon Phase: 24% full
Temp: 80 F
Water Temp : 74F
Wind: 4-8 mph var
Bait: Whitebait
Results: 2 Trout, lots of bluefish and no redfish.

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