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Hungry Redfish

We fished back in Centipede Bay today and the redfish where hungry. We started out with lures then came across a small school of mud minnows. The mud minnows seem to have moved in to the back of the bay.
The weather was perfect, so as you guessed, there where lots of anglers playing hookie on this Tuesday. There where a couple of places I wanted to fish, but there where boats in all of them. There was one area that I have seen several redfish, but I would need to be in stealth mode since the water is shallow and exits are narrow.

It took about 10 minutes to sneak in to this area and about 5 minutes to catch 3 redfish. I think we could have caught more fish but we only had 3 baits.

Redfish #1
Redfish #2
When I use live bait for redfish I always use circle hooks. The only draw back to circle hooks is that you never get to set the hook. But the upside is that most of the time the hook sets in the corner of the jaw.

Redfish #3
Almost to the boat
And the release.

Overall it was great day,

Tide : Raising
Water Clarity : Very Clear
Moon Phase: New Moon
Temp: 79F
Water Temp : 76F
Wind: N 8mph
Bait: Chatter bait, Mud minnows
Results: 3 Redfish

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